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    Buckley AFB, CO - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital to Buckley Air Force Base that offers emergency room services and inpatient facilities is the Buckley Medical Clinic which offers inpatient care to active-duty military and their families. The facility offer surgical facilities as well as radiological services. The Buckley Medical Clinic at Buckley Air Force Base also offers the Buckley Air Force Base which is located at 541 Norfolk Street, Aurora, Colorado. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0830-1730. To make an appointment, call 720-847-9355.

    The 460th Medical Group provide ambulatory medical and dental services to the 460th Space Wing and Buckley Air Force Base tenant units.

    The medical group provides the following patient care services: family practice, aeromedical services, pediatric, limited gynecological services, immunization, general dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, life skills, substance abuse, family advocacy, laboratory and pharmacy. Those services not offered on base are provided through the TRICARE network.

    The Primary Care Clinic is located at 830 Potomac Circle on the 4th floor inside the Aurora Medical Pavilion. Potomac Circle is located off of Potomac Street.

    Ambulance Service
    The 460th Medical Group does not provide emergency ambulance service or have an Emergency Department. To request an ambulance dial 911.

    Emergency Care
    If you or your family member who is enrolled at the Primary Care Clinic are in need of emergency care please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911. Emergency care is to be used only to save life, limb, sight, and loss of body tissue or to prevent undue suffering.

    You, a family member, or a squadron/unit representative are required to notify your Primary Care Manager at 720-847-WELL (9355) the next duty day.

    Urgent Care Center
    After duty hours, please contact the Primary Care Manager on call at 720-847-WELL (9355) for medical advice. If advised to seek medical care, utilize the closest urgent care facility and have your TRICARE care/military ID ready.

    Click on one of the following links for urgent care locations:


    *Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

    If you are advised to receive medical care, you must contact your Primary Care Manager at 720-847-WELL (9355) the next duty day.

    Primary Care
    For Active duty and enrolled family members, to schedule or cancel an appointment with the Primary Care Clinic at the Aurora Medical Pavilion, please call 720-847-WELL (9355).

    Visit http://www.tricareonline.com if you wish to make a Wellness appointment at the Buckley Primary Care Clinic. Please remember there are no same day appointments available on this site. Appointment availability will range from next day to 28 days . If you need a same-day appointment call 720-847-WELL (9355).

    If you have any problems with the TRICARE Online website, please call the customer service number listed and not the Clinic.

    Dental Clinic
    To schedule or cancel an appointment at the 460th Dental Clinic please call 303-340-3330. Please try to give 24 hours advance notice for cancellations.

    The Dental Clinic is located at 601 Salida Way, Aurora Co 80011.

    A point of service (POS) pharmacy is located within the clinic on the 4th floor of the Aurora North Medical building on Potomac Avenue in Aurora. The POS pharmacy is for patients enrolled to the clinic and allows patients to pick-up common medications before leaving the facility.

    Prescriptions written for patients not enrolled at the Buckley Clinic and refills will still be filled at the satellite pharmacy located at 541 Norfolk St., Aurora. Norfolk Street is located off 6th Avenue between Laredo and Airport Road.

    Got to http://www.pharmacyonesource.com/fos/default.asp?l=67166&g=2&f=0 if you want to see if we carry your prescription medications or if you want your provider to see if we carry it.

    To call in a refill prescription, or if you have questions, call 720-847-PILL (7455).

    All patients must be registered in the 460th Medical Group computer system prior to obtaining any services. This can be accomplished at the TRICARE Service Center, or when you check-in at the clinic.

    If you have completed a TRICARE enrollment form with the 460th Medical Squadron, then your registration will be completed when your enrollment form is processed.

    If you have questions concerning enrollment and or registration call the Beneficiary Counselor at 720-847-6137.

    The TRICARE Service Center is located at 830 Potomac St, Suite 115, Aurora CO 80010.

    UPDATE your phone number and address at the following address: https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/address/selectAuthenticateType.do

    Medical Records are the property of the United States Government and must be maintained in an authorized records location, preferably the facility at which you receive the majority of your care or where your primary care manager is located.

    Maintaining medical records at a military facility is essential in filing medical documentation and ensuring appropriate continuity of care is provided by our staff. Outpatient Records personnel are not authorized to give out medical information. Please see your medical provider to request any laboratory or x-ray results, or discuss medical information.

    Please contact the Outpatient Records Section at 720-847-WELL (9355) if you have questions concerning your medical records.