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    Buckley AFB, CO - Post Office

    There is no Post Office located on Buckley AFB. The Buckley Official Mail Center (OMC) is located at: 237 N Telluride Street (Bldg. 207), Buckley Space Force Base.

    The OMC is not a post office and does not provide any outgoing personal mail services.  They can open up General Delivery mailboxes for personnel who are PCSing in/out of Buckley AFB on official military orders as well as those who are on TDY orders to Buckley SFB.  Dorm mailboxes will be set up for those personnel who will be residing in the dorms.  To set up an advanced General Delivery mailbox, contact the Official Mail Manager at 720-847-9710.

    NOTE:  Customers who are passing through the area, not on orders, cannot get services (receive mail) at the Buckley Official Mail Center and must go to the local USPS location to rent a post office box.

    The OMC business hours are Monday – Friday 0800 – 1700; Closed on Federal Holiday’s and Family Days.

    The OMC does not offer Certified and Express mail services or post office box rentals.  For  these services, customers must go to the local USPS office located at 16890 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80017 (corner of Alameda and Airport Blvd).

    For more information, contact the Official Mail Manager, Mr. Stephen W. Boyd @ 720-847-9710.